Safeguarding and savings for Home to School Transport

Designed from the ground up around the needs of supported transport teams to deliver both enhanced mainstream and SEND home to School Transport.

Why Choose Shepherd?

Enhanced Safeguarding

Shepherd provides key real-time information about your passengers and who is driving them. Using Shepherd, you'll know who is travelling, where they are, and that the person driving them is DBS checked and that the vehicle is licensed to do so.

Support Savings

Shepherd helps deliver savings whilst enhancing service quality in two ways:

1) Frees up team time by automating tasks and workflows.

2) Providing data analytics to match supply to demand in the most efficient way possible.

Works with Existing Systems

Shepherd is designed to make life easier and integrate with existing council systems. Teams only need to enter or generate data once, safe in the knowledge all connected systems are in step.

Open Source or Managed Service

You can choose how you want to use Shepherd, from an open-source version that you manage yourself to a fully managed Shepherd-as-a-Service and everything in between!

Safe & Secure

We take data and security seriously. Shepherd complies with all relevant UK standards and is built to work with your specific IT policies and requirements.

Find Out More

If you'd like to find out more about what Shepherd can really do and how it can support you in delivering safe, cost effective, home-to-school-transport then request a demo now. Don't worry, we won't try and sell you anything, we're here to listen to your needs and show you what Shepherd can do for you.

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