About Us

Our team has worked in or alongside the public sector and understand the challenges and opportunities you face.

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We are an award-winning team with vast experience within both local government and private sectors in developing strategic, environmental, transport, infrastructure, commercial, property and social care solutions across the public sector. We’re here to help answer challenging questions to deliver the results you need.

Every member of our team has either worked in or alongside the public sector at senior leadership roles, meaning we have a deep understanding of both the challenges you face and the opportunities that can be embraced. At our core we are user centric, solutions developers, insight and digital specialists but we also call on a vast range of sector experts, technical specialists, all underpinned by front line public sector experience.

We’ve delivered everything from massive transformational change-overs, development of new directorates and award-winning functions within councils, climate change enabling frameworks, commercialisation and investment strategies, building home to school transport platforms, digital transformation, leading an award winning UK first innovation procurement programme, delivering major infrastructure projects and building digital twins that deliver decision support for the betterment of our planet.  We like to think of this as a small core, but with big apple approach.

Having worked together in different organisations for many years we brought together our collective experience and expertise to enable positive change across the public sector and residents. We believe that together with our clients we can deliver positive societal impact; we believe we can create a better future.

To underpin this we’re committing to becoming a B Corp within this year as we believe that this mark of quality will publicly demonstrate our commitment both professionally and personally.

What matters to us

We created im23 because we are passionate about delivering solutions that make a material difference to people and have a positive societal benefit. In fact we won’t be involved in anything where the result of the project isn’t a clear and measurable benefit to people and planet. We strongly believe in utilising our personalised ‘know-how’ expertise and experience in order to truly support and enable our clients where it really matters and move away from ‘off the shelf’ generalist solutions.

We're excited about what we'll create together and where it will take us...

We'd like to hear your ideas, challenges and experiences. There are only ever things to gain from starting a conversation so let's give it a try.

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