Our Approach

Collaborative working to develop user centric, practical and actionable solutions.

We're people and planet focused and have a wealth of experience in infrastructure, placemaking, climate, mobility and transforming innovation to business as usual in Local Government.  

Whatever the challenge we apply our skill set to working together with you to provide realistic, clear, and actionable solution. From defining challenges and opportunities through developing solution business cases and transforming these into business as usual we're here to provide external expertise, experience and support to your teams to deliver solutions resulting in positive societal impact.

How we do it

Working closely with your team in a positive environment where all ideas are welcome we’ll build a holistic understanding of your objectives to ensure you get the outcome you need. To deliver this we structure our work with four distinct phases:



Our team’s skill set and background provides the unique ability to zero on key areas quickly and identify clear and actionable plans.


& Definition

It all starts by asking the right questions. Working together with you and your stakeholders we develop a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities, how these align with your objectives so that potential solutions can be explored, scoped, and clearly defined.



Building on discovery work, the design phase encompasses all elements required to provide solutions: service design, any technical requirements, operational changes, implementation plans and full costings. We believe in a collaborative, iterative approach and we’ll work closely with stakeholders to test and refine solutions to reach an optimum outcome.

& Delivery

Building on the design phase we’ll work in-house, with our partners and your teams during the development and delivery phase. In the early stages we’ll iterate solutions working our way through alpha and beta releases through to deployment ready solutions.
We're here to see our collective ideas turned into reality, launched, maintained and delivering the solutions that you need both now and into the future.

Why work with us?

Our team has in-depth public sector leadership experience and a proven track record of delivering results. We understand the pressures you face and the reality of transforming innovation into reality. We know what will work and, more importantly, what won't because we've been there and done it.

We're excited about what we'll create together and where it will take us...

We'd like to hear your ideas, challenges and experiences. There are only ever things to gain from starting a conversation so let's give it a try.

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